foto-e-cEMANUELE CABRAS, President – Past CEO and Managing Partner of consultancy companies in the field of development projects funded by the European Union in the Euro Mediterranean area and East Europe, then free-lance Project Manager and Technical Assistance Expert supporting public and private bodies to develop cooperation projects funded by the European Union in the framework of the cross-border policy of the EU. Currently he is director of a microfinance company, CEO of a network of SMEs beloning to the MICE sector and member of the board of a contemporary art museum. He carried on training and research activities and deep relationships with university and other centres of research. Specialties: European Funds, Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, Sustainable Development, Tourism, Agrofood, Innovation, Microfinance.

EMancaEMANUELA MANCA, Vice-president – Sociologist  specialized on sustainability she planned and realized lots of projects in various territories in Italy, Europe, Middle-East countries, Sri Lanka and Central Africa. She worked on projects aiming  implement a more sustainable approach at private (sustainable management of the companies) and public level (sustainable regional planning). She carried out many projects on ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management-UNEP Approach) of the Province of Rimini, TCCA (Tourism Carrying Capacity) of the 5 Terre National Park and Province of Oristano, EU-Ecolabel implemented in various tourism accommodations in Italy, Europe and Middle-East Countries, SEAPs Sustainable Energy Action Plans realized in 53 municipalities in Sardinia.

DCoccoDANIELE COCCO, Coordinator – Born in Cagliari (Italy) in 1978, Degree in Political Science – International Policies at the University of Cagliari. Project Designer and Manager, consultant with experience in the elaboration, design and management of European and Euro-Mediterranean projects in sectors as Innovation and Enterprises, Sustainable Tourism, Culture, Environment, Training, Transports, Youth Mobility. Skilled in Logical Framework Approach, Project Cycle Management, development of international partnerships, monitoring and evaluation, technical and financial management of complex projects. Has collaborated and collaborates within the following ENPI CBC MED projects: Shmile 2, MedDiet, Optimed.

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FEDERICA ROMANO, Communication Manager – Italian-Swiss, born in 1982 in Samedan (Switzerland), Maturity Degree at Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz (Engadin, Switzerland), Bachelor and Masters Degree in Communication Science at Siena and Cagliari Universities. Initiated her experiences in the International projects area by participating to a TAM/BAS project financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development London (EBRD) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, specialized herself in the agro-food and cooperation area during the years through experiences in food industry companies (Colussi Group Milan), Chambers of Commerce (Siena and Grosseto), Foundations for the protection and valorization of Denominations of Origin (Qualivita Siena), Project management (administrative, technical and financial) on a Turn Around Management Program in Bosnia financed by the EBRD and a strategic project (MedDiet) managed by Associazione nazionale Città dell’Olio, Siena, financed by the ENCPI CBC MED 2007-2013 Program. Currently she is working as EU project designer and manager for different organizations and institutions.


MCareddaMARCO CAREDDA – Graduated in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Sassari and Doctor of Microbial Biotechnology Research. From 2007 to 2011 contract professor in Eco-certification of Forestry and Environmental Systems – University of Sassari. Since 1995, he holds the role of Project Leader in projects funded by European, national and regional programs on issues as Innovation, Education, Environment and Productive clusters, contributing with its know-how and experience to design innovative systems of Self-control and Quality Environmental Management systems applied to SMEs and public administrations.

ADangeloANNAMARIA D’ANGELO – Graduated in Political Science at the University of Cagliari. Expert in gender policies and social policies, she has carried out evaluation work on various projects co-financed by the Structural Funds. Coordinator of the European Masters in Project Management at the Faculty of Political Science (CRENoS) – University of Cagliari. Since 1996, she carries out consultancy and EU project management and management and accountability of projects funded by European, national and regional programs on issues as Innovation and Enterprise, Mobility, Education and Culture, Territorial Governance.

IMG_2348 (2)CLAUDIA SEDDA – Graduated in 2007 at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Sassari (Master of Science in Publishing, Multimedia Communication and Journalism). In 2009 she obtained a Master’s Degree in Law in European Integration and Local Government (Faculty of Law, University of Sassari and Université de Corse Pascal Paoli) and also attended intensive masters in Project Management in Cagliari and Brussels. From 2012 to 2014 she worked as Project Manager at the Municipality of Belvì (Youth in Action, Europe for Citizens and LLP Programmes) and at the Rural District BMGS LAG (Measure 4.2.1. Transnational Cooperation-EAFRD). She has been living in Gavoi, Sassari, Paris, Viterbo and Malta, where she had the opportunity to collaborate with the NPA “Immigrazione Oggi” and AWAS (Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers) in the implementation of three European projects co-financed by the EIF and ERF funds. Skilled in Youth Policies, Citizenship, Immigration and Culture.

io_bruxANTONIO COCCO – Graduated in Political Science (International Relations), after some international experiences he obtained a Master Degree in European project management (Mape, CRENoS, University of Cagliari). As a free-lance consultant, he supports SME’s and start-up companies to apply to regional, national, European funding opportunities. Recently he has been involved in a training project related to EU project management. Nowadays he is interested about sustainability and climate variability issues. He has experience in using the Project Cycle Management and the Logical Framework methodology.

picture_SantarossaLUCA SANTAROSSA  is an expert focusing on Protected Areas planning and management for the socio-economic aspects. Within this framework his best skill is on Sustainable Tourism. He has a 20-year long job experience in policies and initiatives related with socio-economic aspects of the environmental topic, at national and international level, esp. dealing with natural protected areas and nature conservation. He worked for Italian Ministry of Environment, regional Administrations, Parks management bodies, environmental NGOs, and foreign (Belgium, UK, Norway, Tunisia, Brazil) consulting companies and NGOs. He worked also in the Managing Authority of several EU-funded Programmes of territorial cooperation (Interreg, ETC, ENPI) and for several projects funded by the latter or by other funds (LIFE, ESF, etc.).

Nuova immagineDANIELE A. MASCIA  Accountant registered in Chamber of Financial Auditors, whit 20-years job experience as a consultant for public bodies and enterprises. He has a significant experience in EU project management and reporting. Coordinator of European cooperation and local development projects. As auditor, he has carry out several external auditing assignment. As accountant, he is specialized in strategic marketing, grant awards, accounting management, asseveration of corporate feasibility studies, public investment analysis, project financing.

Nuova immagineIHAB RIZK SOLIMAN – Italian – Egyptian, born in Egypt in 1969, he lived in France four years, and he lives in Italy from 1996. Graduated in 1990 at the Faculty of Agriculture at the Cairo University, Graduated in 2011 at the Faculty of Political Sciences ( InternationalRelations), currently scholarship for PhD in Euro Mediterranean Cooperation at the University of Cagliari. Expert on immigration and the international protection, worked for 11 years at the center for foreigners in the province of Cagliari, worked with FRONTEX, currently work as cultural mediator with the police headquarters in Cagliari. Translator formation from UNHCR, accredited by Chamber of Commerce and the Court of Cagliari, he has collaborated on ENPI CBC MED projects: MIDEMP, FOSTER in MED, MedDiet, GR.ENE.CO. Spoken languages: Italian, Arabic, English and French and enjoy working with multiethnic team.

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