Our Activities

OpenMed is involved in several activities and initiatives playing an important role in defining new partnerships, identifying opportunities and finally implementing EuroMediterranean cooperation projects among European and Mediterranean regions.

The main activities of OpenMed are:

  • Promotion and active involvement in economic, cultural and social research studies;
  • Active participation to cooperation initiatives funded by the European Union or other donors;
  • Administrative, financial and technical project management;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects, through its web-based system OpenMedPro;
  • Evaluation of project ideas to be submitted to the EU;
  • Support the development of cross-border partnership in the Euro-Mediterranean area;
  • Support the preparation and the submission of proposals;
  • Manage the relationships with the programs Management Authorities during the submission and the implementation of projects;
  • Information and training seminars on topics of interest;
  • Organization and management of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School.

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