GMI. The Green MED Initiative

In an attempt to encourage the young minds of the future to not only be environmentally responsible but also to venture into a new and growing industry which is environmental services and sustainability, the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2007/2013 has launched the Green MED Initiative (GMI) for 6 countries of the Mediterranean area (Egypt, France, Italy, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia).

The main objective of the GMI project is to develop an integrated and environmentally sound waste management system, ensuring treatment and recycling, through exploitation of innovative technologies and sustainable methods for waste treatment and recycling with the support of an awareness campaign and communication program.

The target group – mainly schools and university students – will benefit from an incentive based recycling activity. They will recycle their empty containers using the RVM in return for points generated by the machine itself and will then redeem their points for rewards based on a redemption scheme that will be implemented throughout the project.

An estimated amount of 20 tons of used bottles and cans will be collected through RVMs that are placed in  schools and universities across the 6 participating countries of the Mediterranean Area. These machines will be centrally connected via GPRS to an online reporting system.

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