MED PORTS – Development of clusters in port logistics services of the Mediterranean Basin

MEDPORTS is a project funded by the European Union under the program INVEST IN MED which aims at developing sustainable trade relationships, investments and enterprise partnerships between the two rims of the Mediterranean.

In this scenario, MEDPORTS contributed to the integration of Southern and European Countries in the logistics industry, in order to develop an integrated transport system in the Mediterranean Basin. Even if target of the initiative are SMEs and other organizations operating in port logistics and transport, the entire port management system of the port areas involved in the project (Tangier – Morocco, Tunis-Radès – Tunisia, Port Said – Egypt, Cagliari – Italy) benefits from the project.

The project improved technological and management competences at a Euro-Mediterranean level and strengthen relationships among Business Supporting Organizations (BSO) and SMEs, through the following activities: definition of an Action Plan for the development of Smes’ clusters operating in port logistics at the above mentioned port areas; short missions of Med Partners to EU Countries; training courses; workshops and b2b meetings. All these actions will bring to new business opportunities.

In order to achieve these objectives, the following activities were implemented:

  • B2B Meetings: small B2B Meetings in Cagliari (Italy) in order to develop synergies and promote partnerships between European and Mediterranean companies.
  • More than 20 between Port authorities, terminal operators, logistics companies, research and training centres, ICT companies took part to event and established promising relationships on agreements on advanced port logistics services.
  • Short Term Missions: missions of Med Partners to EU Countries (Cagliari) to share how European ports logistics services are managed in these port areas.

Training course “Innovation and Clustering of port logistics services in the Mediterranean basin”: the specific objective of the Training for Trainers course is enforcing the capacity building of the involved partners and other representative of MED Alliance networks interested to the develop of port logistics advanced services. Participants: 21 attendees from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Spain, Lebanon, Egypt belonging Port Authorities, Chambers of Commerce, Business Associations, Research and Training Centres, other logistic companies.

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