ShMILE 2. From experimentation to dissemination of the Ecolabel in the Mediterranean

The global objective of this project is to contribute to sustainable development and to the reduction of environmental risk in the Mediterranean Basin through the promotion of sustainable tourism.

The reduction of tourism sector pressure on environment in the Mediterranean region will be achieved through the dissemination of certification schemes for tourist accommodation services.

Thanks to cross-border cooperation, the project aims to reinforce tourism accommodation professional’s skills, and to train/prepare future generations to support a more sustainable tourism sector. To reach this goal, a campaign of awareness and information will be carried out, as well as the design and dissemination of training and support tools.
Also, the project aims to increase public awareness of environmental issues through a wide-reaching communication campaign, to reinforce the demand for Eco-labeled tourism accommodation.

To achieve these objectives, 11 organizations from 6 different countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Italy and France) leaded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice-Cote d’Azur will work together to implement a set of activities.
Optimed. Rationalising Mediterranean Sea Ways: from Southern-Eastern to Northern-Western ports
The development of maritime transport and logistics sector in the Mediterranean still needs to be improved in order to ensure more efficient and sustainable trade relations between the northern and south-eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

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